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New Boardroom Menu

Sydney’s corporate world has slowly started to return to work for 2020. But the real full-time return date is next Tuesday after the Australia Day long weekend.

In preparation for the Boardroom Lunch enquiries next week we have released our 2020 Summer Boardroom menu.

Entree highlights include the Scorched Calamari Salad with Citrus Fruits, Kipfler Potato, Chorizo, Grapefruit Vanilla Dressing (gluten free).

The Main Course selection includes Roasted Blue Eye Cod with Cauliflower “Skordalia,” Wood Roasted Piquillo Peppers, Burnt Butter and Caper Sauce.

To view our new menu, visit our boardroom lunch page.

Plum Season

Our fruit and vegetable suppliers at Sydney Markets keep us up to date with what is in season.  We also like to check Sydney Markets website for what’s in season.

Most stone fruits are in season,  Summer through Autumn.

Plums are just coming to the end of their season.  So we thought we would extend the season by making Plum Paste for use on our Corporate Catering cheese platters.

We also like to use the Plum Paste for individual cheese platters for our Boardroom Catering clients in Sydney.

Our Plum Paste is lightly spiced with cinnamon and takes about 90 minutes for the brew to set.

Here we show the paste creation.  Still a bit of time to go yet.

New Corporate Boardroom Menu

We have just released our new Autumn / Winter Corporate Boardroom Catering menu.

New season fruit and vegetable include Beetroot, Rhubarb, Leeks, Spinach, Fennel and Oranges.

Other feature winter menu items include Scallops, Kingfish and Patagonian Toothfish.

Link to the new menu here

Avo-Lattes for the Smash Avocado Generation

Further to our post last week on the Smashed Avocado Generation, Truman Cafe in Melbourne, has started serving Avo-Lattes.

As shown in the image above, it is a Latte served in an avocado skin.

It seems to be a way to have your Avocado and drink it too.


This Is Insider has a full article on the Avo-Latte.

At Avocado Group, we have are not looking at combining our conference coffee breaks with our Smashed Avocado on Rye.

But if Avo-Lattes catch on, we may have to look at how we serve Avo-Lattes at a conference morning tea.



Smashed Avocado Generation

It seems everyone is talking about the Smashed Avocado Generation (SAG).

Apparently, our Deputy Prime Minister’s favourite RM William’s is offering new gold boots to fit perfectly with the SAG.

According to the SMH, the sharemarket is also offering ETF’s for the Smashed Avocado Gen’ers.

And mortgage broker SoFi is offering a month’s worth of Smashed Avocados on Toast if clients purchase a home with a SoFi mortgage.


In case you are wondering how many Smashed Avocado meals it takes to purchase a house in Australia’s capital cities. The corporate world has the answer to that.  It is the Smashed Avocado Index.

Here at Avocado Group, we think of smashed avocado as, well, smashed avocados.

We have noticed a few of our corporate catering clients are increasingly requesting our smashed avocado, poached egg with roasted Roma tomatoes for conference morning tea.

We are more than happy to oblige.


Avocado Heist

Here at Avocado Group, we love a good avocado story.

Last Wednesday, three men were arrested in Ventura County, California, in that the Sherrif’s Office described as the largest Avocado heist ever.

Carlos Chavez, 28 and Joseph Valenzuela, 38, of Santa Paula, and Rahim Leblanc, 30, of Oxnard; were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of grand theft avocados.

It is estimated US$300,000 worth of avocados from Mission Produce were “sold out the back of the warehouse”.

Sgt. John Franchi of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said “They are in demand. Everybody loves avocados,”

The company’s President Steve Barnard said “A typical box of avocados grown in Mexico, New Zealand and Chile, sells for $50.  In this case, the men were selling a box for $20 to $30.

More details of the Avocado Heist can be found on the LA time website. Holy Guacamole!



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